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We are not currently accepting applications for the American Golfer Program. Our current Fall Program has started, and we are very excited for another season, and we look forward to having another great group of deserving veterans graduate from the program. If you would like to apply, please email More information on the program can be found below.

About The Program


In 2013, SMGA introduced its “American Golfer Program” as a pilot program. It was such a success that the program has been extended to 2014.

The American Golfer Program (AGP) affords participation in SMGA to wounded warriors who are not located within close proximity to one of our clinic locations. This program matches post-9/11 wounded warriors with PGA of America professionals familiar with teaching adaptive golf. Wounded warriors are encouraged to take an active role in locating a PGA professional in their local golf community with whom they would like to work with. Through American Golfer, SMGA offers a series of private golf lessons covering all aspects of the game of golf. SMGA provides a custom-fitted set of clubs to any warrior completing the program.


The Process


1. Submit Application

The first step is to submit an application to SMGA for acceptance into the American Golfer Program. Send a completed application to Next, aAn SMGA Team Memberwill contact you and explain the program’s guidelines and procedures. Please click on the link below to fill out an American Golfer application; fill out the application as completely as possible and please read and understand the SMGA's Code of Conduct. A DD214 or similiar documents are required.

American Golfer Application

SMGA's Code of Conduct

In order to qualify for the American Golfer Program, you must be a service member or veteran of the US Armed Forces wounded or injured (incl. PTSD and TBI) while conducting overseas operations post-9/11/2001. Please contact for any questions you may have regarding this requirement.


2. Acceptance

Wait to hear back from your assigned SMGA Team Member. We will contact you and inform you of your acceptance into the 2014 American Golfer Program. Once enrolled in the program, we will send you an SMGA golf shirt, hat, and glove to get you started off right! Please use the sizing chart below to help choose the correct size glove. Please email your shirt and glove size to your assigned SMGA Team Member.

Golf Glove Size Chart


3. Find Your Golf Professional

Once your application has been accepted, begin looking for a PGA of America golf professional* in your area with whom you would like to work and who has agreed to host you for a series of private lessons; the SMGA pays for the cost of the lesson series. Please visit to search for PGA professionals in your area. *Please note, some professionals in your area may not be able to host you at their golf club.


4. Submit Pro Contact Information to SMGA

Provide your assigned SMGA Team Member with the professional’s contact information (e-mail address & phone number). We will reach out to the pro directly to discuss the details of the American Golfer Program and the mission of the SMGA.


5. Start Taking Lessons!

Once we have contacted the professional, you may begin scheduling lessons. Please note that only 1 lesson per week is allowed. Please make sure to download and bring the Lesson Tracking Sheet to each lesson. Have the pro fill it out with the topic of that day’s lesson. The form can be found below.

Lesson Tracking Sheet


6. Schedule Your Club Fitting

After the completion of six (6) golf lessons, you will be eligible to be fitted and receive a new set of TaylorMade golf clubs. Please schedule a fitting with your pro, and bring the Fitting Form (below) to your appointment. Submit your completed fitting form and lesson tracking sheet to your assigned SMGA Team Member. Make sure this form is filled out completely to avoid delays. Please visit our website,, and fill out the brief survey in the American Golfer section describing your experience in the program. Once this has been filled out, your clubs will be ordered.

Fitting Form


7. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your golf clubs. You will also receive an SMGA member card in the mail.


Tips For Finding The Right Pro


Finding the right professional is one of the most important steps in the process. There are any number of different teaching styles, and none is better than the other. Finding a qualified instructor who you feel most comfortable with is the way to choose an instructor. If you already have a pro in mind, simply send us their contact information, and we will contact them with further details about the program. If you do not have a pro in mind, you can search the PGA of Americas Pro Search Tool, located at If you need further assistance in finding a pro, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Other Resources


Here are some other resources that you may mind helpful as you being your American Golfer Program.

Golf Etiquette & Attire 101

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Contact Information


Dan Pflieger

301-525-1639 (Direct/Office)